Dating hattie carnegie jewelry, vintage hattie carnegie jewelry

Vintage Hattie Carnegie Jewelry

January 2020

The jewelry was first marked in and in the company began dating their creations. Hattie Carnegie made different versions of this brooch, as you can see here. There is a famous story that while on the ship to America, Hattie asked a fellow voyager about who the richest and most prosperous people in America were. And while she could neither sketch nor sew, Hattie was very good at communicating to her workers exactly what she wanted them to do.

Vintage Fashion Guild Fashion History Hattie Carnegie

This refers to the extra plating that would mound up together between some of the joints on the reverse of a piece of jewelry. Known for well made crystal jewelry. The purple rhinestones are unfoiled and in excellent condition while the clear ones do show slight graying. The Jones Apparel Group acquired the brand at one point. Jewelry that resembles that of Florenza.

Hattie Carnegie Hattie Carnegie Jewelry

Dating hattie carnegie jewelry
Dating hattie carnegie jewelry
  1. Prior to this she sold hand blown glass jewelry.
  2. DeRosa manufactured jewelry for many companies including Elsa Schiaparelli.
  3. Les Bernard made jewelry for others.

Elliot Handler and others later went on to found the toy company Mattel. Also known for figural pins and Christmas pins. Some were sold on presentation cards.

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The cuff bracelets and the fringed necklaces command the highest prices in the vintage collectable market. According to several costume jewelry books, this jewelry is highly collectable with prices to reflect the demand and not so plentiful supply. The rhinestone jewelry is usually well made. Ciner costume jewelry is worn and loved by many including the rich and famous. The company re- opened after the war and Jonette Jewelry became the trademark.

Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn have worn his creations. As of this writing, Florenza jewelry is undervalued and under appreciated in the costume jewelry market. Their jewelry was bold and innovative.

Her jewelry reflects her sense of taste. The older jewelry was not marked. Each piece was hand made and so elegant she gathered quite the following.

During the late s, the company began to produce accessories for ladies. All of the products were produced with the very best materials and are well made. It seems he might have created some pieces for Hagler. New York -This is the mark used by the Hess- Appel beginning in the early s. Louis, Missouri in the late s.

Dating hattie carnegie jewelry
Dating hattie carnegie jewelry

Some early pieces were created by Marcel Boucher. It is made of gold, platinum, diamonds and emeralds. Their early costume jewelry was often enameled and some was done in pastels. For Edge, reinventing these elements became the foundation of ecovintage. This winter American women will feel free to dress up as they have not dressed up in four years.

Dating hattie carnegie jewelry

The department stores in New York certainly were not paying very much attention to what we now call costume jewelry. Dates of operation most likely s into the s. Layered and sewn beading, filigree backings, seed pearls and leaves that were intertwined.

Dating hattie carnegie jewelry

Vintage Hattie Carnegie Jewelry

Several styles of other Carnegie brooches similar to this have now been reproduced. The brooch is unmarked, but it does have a blue paper Carnegie hang tag. Their pieces were innovative, utilizing techniques not seen before in costume jewelry.

  • Much like his peer Joseff, his jewelry looked authentic and historically accurate.
  • In the firm was purchased by the Trifari.
  • Their colorful sets with sculptured plastic stones, usually shaped like leaves, are very popular.
  • The pieces I have seen are consistent with s looks and materials.
  • The jewelry was not sold at department stores, but rather in the home at parties.

Vintage Hattie Carnegie Jewelry

Eisenberg jewelry, especially the older pieces are sought out by collectors and rightfully command high prices. This is a work in progress! They also sold accessories. Art glass and other unusual stones.

Collectors Weekly

Katz in his position acted as a representative for Coro. Has commissioned pieces to the White House. She is the mother of the famous Zsa Zsa and also Eva and Magda.

In she opened her fashion house in New York City. Plastic pieces including the famous five and six petal flowers. In Adolph Katz joined the company. Back to top Jeray This hallmark was used for the first time in when the original company called Rice- Weiner split into two companies.

He left to open his own costume jewelry company. Two collector favorites are the fruit pieces and the forbidden fruit pieces. Ceased operations in the early part of the s. But because access to French fashion and fabrics had been curtailed, she had a very prominent place in the fashion publications of the era.

Dating hattie carnegie jewelry
Dating hattie carnegie jewelry

They also do business as Bellini Creations. Haskell purchased materials from only the best sources. Pieces with this hallmark are hard to find on the secondary market.

Hattie carnegie jewelry

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