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December 2019

By opening the kitchen up to the laundry room, both spaces have an airier feel. Here is a picture of them as teens working on killer kicks. Drew and Jonathan get goofy.

This homeowner was using one corner of the bedroom as a home office, which left the entire room feeling cramped and overly cluttered. The Property Brothers step in with a custom solution but since the couple's target area is only a few blocks wide, the hunt for a fixer-upper proves particularly tricky. In fact, they first entered real estate to fund their acting ambitions. Meanwhile, Jonathan is determined to transform a sagging century home into a showpiece, but from the basement to the roof, he uncovers every imaginable setback along the way. When not renovating, he also directs and produces films.

After bouncing around from one rental disaster to the next, a couple is ready to find a first home that's as quirky as they are, and the Property Brothers are determined to make it happen. Now, the clutter has been organized and put away, and new furniture creates a comfortable sitting room. Once they settle on a home and the walls come down, Jonathan finds himself fighting to keep the budget under control. After Drew successfully coaches the couple through a potential bidding war, Jonathan wrestles with asbestos, ancient wiring and structural issues to keep the ambitious project on time and on budget. But, that's not their only source of revenue.

15 Things You Didn t Know About the Third Scott Brother
  1. All-beige, matching furniture and no accent colors left this space feeling dull and cookie cutter.
  2. Later, it's up to Jonathan to turn a forgotten property into a modern dream home, but as soon as the walls come down, the disasters start piling up.
  3. Tyler and Lindsay love their waterfront lifestyle, but their tiny condo is giving them the squeeze.
  4. The fireplace and built-ins were given a more modern look with clean lines and an fresh paint job.
  5. Jonathan and Drew are about to go head to head for the most important challenge of Brother vs.

Drew arrived on the scene four minutes later. Netflix recently added The Property Brothers show to for those who can't get enough of their house-flipping adventures. The cabinets were painted white to instantly brighten the space, while new tile flooring and a fantastic wine and coffee give the room a more modern feel.

Before the renovation, these homeowners had to keep their clothes in an awkward hall closet on the way to the master bedroom. Will they have their dream home before Lizzy's due date? Meanwhile, it's all hands on deck for an ambitious reno, especially when costly surprises in the kitchen and basement have Jonathan scrambling for ways to save money. The owner of the home gets to choose which portion of the renovation they are comfortable focusing on. Keeping with the room's neutral color palette, casual dating ads distressed bookshelves add warmth to the large bedroom.

Property Brothers Star Jonathan Scott & GF Jacinta Kuznetsov Call It Quits

If not, who are they dating and is it serious? Guests will never want to leave these super-posh suites from this week's Brother Vs. It's hard to believe this is even the same space. The new kitchen features a beautiful new backsplash and gorgeous butcher block countertops. After moving back to his hometown of Nashville to be closer to family, a couple's home search has taken longer than expected.

25 Amazing Makeovers by the Property Brothers
  • Toys, family portraits and a lack of furniture left this space as an unorganized catch-all room with no real purpose.
  • Light blue walls and stunning new furniture give this room a more grown-up feel, while trendy chevron curtains and a fabulous pink rug are fun additions to the space.
  • The fireplace was redone for a more modern look, while two contemporary sofas look beautiful and make the most of the spacious room.
  • Sandi and Phil have lived in their park-filled waterfront neighborhood for years.
  • Before Drew's renovation on Brother Vs.

They're seeking more space, but still want to stay in the heart of the city. After he gets the project back on track, a snag at city hall comes up that may bring all their hard work to a screeching halt. The Property Brothers step in to find them the perfect suburban home but immediately run into potentially serious issues. Frustrated by their urban house hunt, a couple agrees to a radically different approach as Jonathan and Drew take them on a tour of an amazing rural community.

15 Things You Didn t Know About the Third Scott Brother


Jonathan Scott Girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov Break Up

Drew and Jonathan Scott pull out all the stops for their second room challenge on this season of Brother vs. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Possibly a dance studio or home gym in the past, the new homeowners plan to turn this mirror-clad room into a movie room.


After years of moving around the country, Lesli and Dave are ready to call Nashville home. They desperately need a family home where they can put down roots, but finding a property in their exclusive neighborhood will mean compromising on their wish list. The brothers are hitting the beach for their most challenging season of Brother vs. The guys added a warm area rug to make the bedroom feel cozier, while a smaller bed with tons of colorful throw pillows is better fitted for the space.

See and compare Drew and Jonathan's Big Easy-inspired living rooms in the shotgun house renovations. With a slew of nasty surprises, Jonathan struggles to stay on top of the schedule and budget while balancing their very eccentric style. Read About the New Season. Newlyweds sacrifice their honeymoon to find a dream home, but after visiting over properties, they need an intervention.

Beautiful white cabinets and much needed organization gave this room the bright, updated look the homeowners had always wanted. After getting outbid in the city's hot market, dating Drew finds them two great contenders. House Hunters International am c.

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Property Brothers Star Jonathan Scott & GF Jacinta Kuznetsov Call It Quits

However, they do get paid for doing the show. Jonathan and Drew step in with a real estate intervention that starts with a targeted house hunt and the couple compromising on style. However, a bulging basement wall threatens to bring down the budget and the house. The Property Brothers don't take on private clients for real estate or reconstruction work. Fixer Upper Consult Program Guide.

Drew and Jonathan are determined to turn things around, but the hunt for a pedestrian-friendly property ends with a calculated risk that could have major consequences down the line. Are the Property Brothers identical twins? The Property Brothers are big into helping others. But, both brothers are dating, and one relationship is definitely serious!

Property Brothers Jonathan Scott Opens Up About Love Dating & Marriage

Neither of the Property Brothers is married as of the date of this article. The Property Brothers prove they are a force to be reckoned with as they repeatedly turn horrible rooms into functional, stylish spaces. Drew and Jonathan opened up the narrow hallway to better connect the room with the closet, which they updated with frosted sliding doors for a more modern look. The Scott brothers make home-makeover dreams a real-life reality with these amazing transformations. But with the arrival of their baby boy, they've suddenly outgrown their one-room, loft-style apartment and are searching for an allergy-free forever home where they can put down roots.

This living room had some nice characteristics, like a large brick fireplace and wooden ceiling beams, but dated furniture and wasted space were doing nothing for the overall style. In the updated bedroom, the furniture is fit to scale, while white walls and a lovely neutral curtains contribute to the room's more open feel. Before the makeover, this small space was used as a cramped home office with way too much clutter.

Jonathan Scott s Past Relationships Failed Marriage

But in order to sell the home, the room needed a fresher look with more pizzazz. Find out how Jonathan and Drew make their lofty dreams a reality. How do the Property Brother's get paid?

15 Things You Didn t Know About the Third Scott Brother

Property Brothers

House Hunters International pm c. And can they complete their ambitious project on time and on budget? Fresh white paint on the walls adds a cohesive look the the space and keeps the room feeling bright and open.

Now, an oversized tufted headboard takes center stage in this sophisticated black-and-white bedroom. Boring to begin with, this plain living room was made even worse with toys scattered all over the place and no real style. After years of being on the road, Sonja has finally landed a job closer to family in Nashville, and her sister Michelle helps make her house hunt a priority. Painting the brick fireplace white was the first step to creating this contemporary space, good female which also boasts delicate blue walls and a plush sofa with a gorgeous leather ottoman.

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But their real estate interests started long before the decision to actually enter real estate as a career. Here's how to get the look at home. If you still haven't watched a show, don't worry. Bright blue walls, a fun teardrop light fixture and an updated table give this midcentury modern space the style boost it was lacking. With the budget stretched to the max, Jonathan must walk a tightrope to avoid any unanticipated costs.

After frequent moves and a too-small rental apartment, Jennifer and David need to find a Nashville property where they can settle down for good with their two boys. During the house hunt, Drew manages to find a low-priced gem in a red-hot neighborhood, but that's when their luck runs out. The furniture in this bedroom was too large for the space, and the ornate dark brown style didn't fit in with the home's more contemporary look. This kitchen was not totally hopeless.

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