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November 2019
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Funny, laid back, fun, interesting. Binggeure tells him he was going to come alone but they already knew and came along. Park Shin Hye is one terrible actress. It failed to live up to it's potential. He just gives her hugs and kisses, radiometric dating laughing.

Admire your will power to stick with Bingeurea. Even when not all of her projects has been good, she has managed to deliver scenes excellently, not just in good dramas like fbnd, sites dating but also in those mediocre like heartstrings. Where can i find a husband like him.


As far as husband potential goes, I do like Na Jung and Trash's rapport. Reading this post makes me scared. It wasn't heartfelt it didn't feel natural. We learn in episode two that both he and Na Jung are obsessively neat and tidy with their things- a trait that as far as we know no other characters in this drama share. Either way, I enjoyed the show.

He already said it that liking Najung made him feel even lonelier. Worse character trait for Na Jung she basically just dragged him around. If you're asking me, myers briggs dating I cried alot when Chilbong cried on his own. Goo Ha-ra the idol is painful to watch so I'm glad its Ara and not her.

Jang Hyuk sits down to answer questions sent by our community. The ending was a no brainer. Look back the series and remember he work hard for his baseball and not just a given thing. Glad he's getting bigger roles. As a teen, Shi Won was obsessed with a boy band.

But oppa and Najung had a deeper connect and more basis for a relationship. And in sports circles there is a very famous orthopedist named Dr. For me that was part of the charm! This drama served as the acting debut of Jung Eun-ji. It contains funny moment, romantic moment, friends moment, etc.

So while she is not a big negative, she is not a big positive either. There was too much focus on the mystery that it almost felt like they didnt know what to do with the plot. They could have given the chance to a unknown actress.

Review Looking Back at Reply 1997 and Reply 1994
Sinopsis Drama Korea Reply Episode (Tamat)

After meeting you, starting from some point I started to have worries After I started to like you When I think of you, I only sigh. As I as an outsider understand Korean society, it is difficult to interact with people and he desperately needed contact. He had a family this entire time and that was the members of the boarding house. Does he understand a lady?

Spoilers Ep. 2 Reply 1994 Five Potential Husbands for Na Jung

Actually some clues already pointed to Trash since the beginning. This is the best drama for me at the moment. Besides romantic relationships, there were also the bonds of friendship and kinship. Like I said, first loves are overrated.


Where are the Neukkim s of dramaland? Go Ara was a blessing to watch as Na Jung. Featured Videos Interview with Jang Hyuk The sometimes tough, sometimes soft, sometimes funny and a lot more!

  • Hard work ends with tears and heartbreak.
  • No reconciliation with his neglectful mother.
  • It is not bad had he ever done anything to intentionally hurt her.
  • He would lose the entire boardinghouse, never to hang out with them again.

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First season, he lost the game but a year later, he won with the same ball. The story begin with few teenagers stay together at a boarding house while attending a university in Seoul. The reason for Najung and Oppa's break-up in the first place because he was being his typical noble-oppa guy who didn't want to expose Najung to his sufferings, fears and insecurities. First half going one way then somewhere in the middle, the writer just pushed the delete button and started all over again.

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They showed him happy with the crew watching soccer games and in the present. Still, my heart still goes out to Chilbongie coz let's face it, how can a girl resists Chilbongie? If this is our true focus and not the love triangle they certainly did not develop it enough. Yoona can do a good job with that role too. And I think she remembers the husband Trash when they fought in the bus.

He once again poured out his unwavering heart to her, but she didn't even give a reply. And cant wait for Reply series this year! The later episodes could have spent even more time on the other boarders which I think made reply so special.

Please enter your username or email address. Then there is Binggure, he went from a puppy that followed Oppa, so a man that fought back and said his peace. He turned up at the end of the episode, a shy student being tutored by Na Jung.

Sinopsis Drama Korea Reply 1994 Episode 1-21 (Tamat)

Or will Answer Me be pushed back so it can have more preparation? But as I stated before, the more I got to know his character and the more I grew emotionally attached to him, his desires became my desires. This drama keeps getting better in every episode. That's gonna buoy his career to great heights, which I'll wait expectantly to see.

She's charming and likeable. You never know until you give it a shot right. Him falling deeper in love, showering us with adorable smiles and sweet moments.

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He doesn't tell her about his accident till she has no choice because she's visiting him. Jyenie dear, this is my crack drama too! And Samcheonpo tells his cabbie the best route to take home like an expert.

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Usually a second instalment fails if the original cast aren't casted. Of course the cast and its chemistry change it all, but just saying. Yes to the college setting, but totally not interested in this casting.


  1. And then we see their two sets of red family mittens sitting side by side on her desk.
  2. Where some elements did not come together, the cast and their abilities was not one of them.
  3. He is one of the main char.
  4. Get the flu and send a text.
  5. But yeah, I'm so sad that his character never got juicy stuff to do, he's awesome.
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This could have been a very good drama. Its all wishful thinking on his part. Would I recommend it to someone? Of course, divine intervention dating my hunch was right from the get-go and I was super happy about Oppa and Na Jeong.

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